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E-cigarette News and It’s Not Good

…it is too soon to give a stamp of approval on a product whose long-term effects have yet to be determine. Continue reading

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CVS Health and their plan to deliver the First Tobacco-Free Generation

the CVS Health Foundation is encouraging the tobacco prevention education of youth,… Continue reading

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Need Another Excuse to Quit?

You used to have to hide your smoking from your parents, now you have to hide it from everyone else too.
Continue reading

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Doing Better For Our Kids

The American Lung Association State of Tobacco Control 2012 is out, giving grades for each state in program spending, smoke-free air quality, cigarette tax, and money spent for cessation.  If this was an actual report card, the State of Florida … Continue reading

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Stopping Smoking May Be a Shot Away.

…will determine whether the vaccine will help smokers stop smoking… Continue reading

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