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U.S. ranks last in size of cigarette warnings

Other countries are so much further ahead than the U.S. in providing health warnings on tobacco. Continue reading

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Astroturfing, Grassroots and the Tobacco Industry

The tobacco industry doesn’t oppose legislation because it’s not fair for smokers… Continue reading

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World No Tobacco Day 2016

tobacco-related illness is one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced. Continue reading

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Another excuse for not having plain packaging

…impact of plain packaging in its first year were published” which showed the number of quit attempts had increased. Continue reading

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Plain Packaging to Become Reality in Australia

Last Wednesday, the Australia High Court upheld that country’s plain packaging act requiring tobacco companies to sell their products in olive-colored packages with graphic picture images of smoking-related illnesses.  That decision means that beginning December 1, 2012 cigarette packages will all … Continue reading

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Picture the Truth

As for comparing colas and cigarettes or any other trademarked product, it is what happens when you use the product that is the real issue. Continue reading

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Australia Fights Big Tobacco

Australia is taking measures against the tobacco companies by the use of plain label cigarette packaging.  The tobacco companies will be allowed to include their name on the packaging, but in small, controlled font lettering. Click here for more information

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