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National Youth Tobacco Survey 2011-2016

Cigarette and e-cigarette use are declining. Continue reading

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The heat of the hookah pipe may be too much to handle

Hookah smoking has been around for hundreds of years and is smoked around the world. Here in the U.S. it is popular with teens and college students, but do they really know what they are smoking and how it will … Continue reading

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New numbers show a downward trend in smoking

…the future goal of a lower number of adult smokers is well within reach. Continue reading

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Finally, FDA oversight on e-cigs and all tobacco

…why is Congress putting special interests ahead of public health… Continue reading

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What’s Hiding in Your Hookah?

What makes this dangerous is “several of these bacteria are resistant to antibiotics.” Continue reading

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High Numbers on Hookah Use

The most shocking data is that it is not the high school students, but… Continue reading

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Slim and Sex Sell Smoking

…the electronic cigarette industry is taking a page out of Big Tobacco’s idea book. Continue reading

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Hookah: A Dangerous Indulgence

States with indoor smoking bans in place need to include hookah and not exempt it from regulation. Continue reading

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Talking to Your Kids About Hookah

There is no safe level of smoking, even if it is through a water pipe. Continue reading

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Utah PTA Concerned About E-Cigarette Use by Students

The Utah PTA is making sure these trends are brought to the attention… Continue reading

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