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New restrictions on sales of flavored e-cigarettes

Next week the FDA will start putting restrictions in place which “are aimed at limiting access to the Juul e-cigarette” Continue reading

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We need to keep working to lower youth nicotine use

The low smoking rate in Florida doesn’t give the entire story of nicotine addiction by youth in our state. Continue reading

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The heat of the hookah pipe may be too much to handle

Hookah smoking has been around for hundreds of years and is smoked around the world. Here in the U.S. it is popular with teens and college students, but do they really know what they are smoking and how it will … Continue reading

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Spit it out and be Through With Chew

So much attention is given to the risks of smoking, but smokeless tobacco users face many risks … Continue reading

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Welcome Back to School!

Teaching your students tobacco prevention not only educates them about the health dangers of tobacco, but helps them make informed decisions for their future. Continue reading

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2015 Youth Risk Behavior Survey – Tobacco

One statistic the YRBS reported is the percentage of high school students who were able to purchase “their own cigarettes… Continue reading

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What’s Hiding in Your Hookah?

What makes this dangerous is “several of these bacteria are resistant to antibiotics.” Continue reading

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Smokeless Tobacco Popular, But Comes with Risks

First, it was the good news that the rate of cigarette smoking among teens decreased. Then Medical Press reported that hookah use by teens has increased, although it may not always be reported by surveillance efforts. ┬áNow the spotlight is … Continue reading

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Key Findings on Electronic Cigarette Use Among Adults

The high numbers of electronic cigarette use for our teens means much higher numbers for adults… Continue reading

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High Numbers on Hookah Use

The most shocking data is that it is not the high school students, but… Continue reading

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