Social Networking Connections

Don’t forget to use our other social networking connections to stay in touch with the happenings of tobacco prevention and intervention.

“Follow” Us on Twitter

TwitterOur Twitter feed is a micro-blog with even more information. Twitter items are no more than 280 characters. This makes it easy for you to scan through things very quickly and choose links to more information as you find appropriate. We “retweet” items of interest from anti-tobacco groups around the country and the world

. Many find this process even better for quickly gathering the latest information. Just sign up for Twitter and follow TobaccoPrev. You will find we are very active here. Your students can do this, too.

“Like” Us on Facebook

FacebookOur Facebook presence is directly linked to the blog. We also post items here that you may not find in other places. Because of the way Facebook works, you can post your comments and even start topics here. Just click the “Like” button and you are part of the group. Due to age constraints on Facebook, your students may not be able to join us here. We encourage you to let them know about it if your students are over the age of 14.

“Subscribe” with Us on YouTube

YouTubeCome join us on YouTube. We will be researching great videos for you to use in your classes and soon hope to have a video PSA contest for your students. Look for more information on this in the course news as we move forward.


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