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Have you checked your blood pressure lately?

There are many reasons to quit smoking and lowering your blood pressure is just one. Continue reading

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IQOS has arrived

There is a new tobacco kid on the block called IQOS (pronounced eye-kos)… Continue reading

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Florida: Tobacco 21 is no more

If you were planning on Tobacco 21 making it through the Florida legislature, you will have to wait another year. Continue reading

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E-cigarette and vaping semantics

…new prevention ads regarding vaping products will be on television networks starting in May. Continue reading

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Will nicotine toothpicks be the next craze?

…nicotine can have more harmful effects on a developing brain versus that of an adult.  Continue reading

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Tobacco Free Florida Week 2019

“E-cigarette use poses a significant–and avoidable–health risk to young people in the U.S.” Continue reading

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Trinkets and Trash March 2019

Tobacco marketing and advertising knows how to reach that emotional attachment in its users.  Continue reading

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Batting tobacco out of baseball

…how did tobacco become synonymous with the game? Continue reading

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Kick Butts Day 2019!

Kick Butts Day, March 20, 2019, is almost here!  This national day of activism, was started by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids in 1996, bringing students, teachers, public health advocates and other community leaders together to “organize events designed to … Continue reading

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FDA proposes new guidelines on flavors but will it be enough?

Fruity, minty or sweet tobacco flavors may soon be missing from e-cigarettes if FDA regulations go into effect. Vaping has increased dramatically in the past two years in part from the flavors that have made it more appealing to teens, … Continue reading

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