Juul isn’t the only product out there – What parents need to know, part 2

Underage teens have made the Juul the most popular vaping product on the market, taking 75% of the market share.  It is easy to conceal, easy to use as there is no filling required, and is apparently what you need to be cool in school.  But other vaping devices hold more liquid and are more popular among people over 18.

The Suorin Air is an open pod system, and popular with college-aged kids.  According to the website, it is “ultra-compact, smaller than a credit card (but not as flat), as slim as an iPhone 7, and fits easily into your pocket.”  It has a refillable pod (open system) that connects to the battery pack and has an on-off switch.  Just inhale to activate it.  The starter kit prices vary from under $20 to almost $30 depending on the website, and you can purchase skins to customize the look.  Additional replacement pods are between $4-$5 and they suggest you replace them after a few refills.  You can refill the pod about five times or use it between 1.5 and 3 weeks, depending on how hard you use it and what you put in it.  The Suorin Air holds 2.0ml of liquid or almost triple the capacity of the Juul cartridge of 0.7ml, which they claim gives you about 200 puffs.  The picture on the left is from suorinvape.com.

Another popular product from Suorin is the Drop.  It sort of looks like a highlighter and comes in several different colors (left).  A kit includes a 2ml refillable pod/cartridge, a USB cable and user manual.  Again, you will want to purchase additional pods.  Costs vary from about $20 to $30 for limited edition, pre-wrapped drops (right).

Smok Rolo Badge is a pod system with 2 – 2.0ml refillable cartridges in the kit.  You charge it with a micro USB and just inhale to activate it.  The pods will last 1-3 weeks depending on which flavors you use and how often you use it.  According to one site, some sweeter flavors may cause the coil to gum up quicker, but you can use any flavor and strength vape juice.

Of course there are other smaller devices out there, such as the 3-inch           Smok Novo that is about the same size as a lighter (left).  It is an open system with a 2.0mL pod tank; you need to purchase additional pods and your own liquid to fill.  A Novo Kit on Amazon goes for about $26 and 6 pc Novo replacement pods is about $26.  Some are slightly cheaper.  Skins are available to change out the look.  And then there is the Just Fog minifit on the right.  It is also just over 3 inches. The pod capacity is smaller at 1.5ml, but about double the size of the Juul pod.  The device is about $15 and each pod is about $8. Again you can customize the look with skins.

We have provided pictures and information about the various systems above in an effort to help parents and teachers understand what the kids are using. All the systems above will have a USB port for the charging cable and the top of each device comes off, so if you see things like this at home, you will understand.  We provided prices to help parents understand what their children are spending on vaping.  It doesn’t come cheap.

Next up…vaping devices you wouldn’t expect.




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