E-cigarette, Vaping and Nicotine products – What parents should know, part 1

When you think of vaping devices, the Juul seems to stick in people’s minds, and with good reason.  Between 2016 and 2017 the Juul e-cigarette has increased its sales 641%, and since then has grown to dominate the vaping industry and currently holds 75% of the market.  Nearly half (47%) of teens who tried it did so because their friends used it, and 29% said it was because of the fruity and sweet flavors.  While Juul is the device that kids seem to gravitate to most often, it’s not the only one out there, and truthfully, it’s an Fexpensive toy that isn’t good.  Some devices look like the Juul, some are smaller and easier to hide, while others allow kids to use more than just nicotine e-liquids.  And then there are products that many may not have heard of.  We hope that this guide helps parents and teachers.

The Boulder Rock is one such device.  It is about 4.8 inches long according to the company website, with a look similar to a Juul, but can be refilled making it more cost affective for the user.  It also charges using a USB.  They do suggest you use their e-liquid products and a starter kit includes one bottle of  liquid.  You don’t need to push a button to draw in vapor, and the product comes in black. And like the Juul, you can also buy sleeves or skins to customize it.

Other pod devices similar to the Juul and the Rock include: 
SMOK Infinix with 2 refillable pods (not filled – you supply the e-liquid)
PHIX, starter kit comes with 1 1.5mL pre-filled pod and the USB charger ($28).  A 4-pack of pods is about $23, but each pod will give about 400 puffs versus 200 with the Juul pod (0.7mL)
KWIT Stick comes with the device, 4 pre-filled nicotine salt pods, charging cable and 20mL syringe bottle.  You can purchase a 30mg or 50mg bottle of replacement liquid for pods, but the site did not sell empty pods.  Their web site describes the device “Juul on steroids.”
Uwell Caliburn comes in 6 colors, with 1 pod, a USB cable and a user manual.  The user will need to purchase liquid to fill the device and has a choice of nic salt juice in 3 flavors or juice of the week in varying degrees of nicotine from 0mg to 6mg.  You can also purchase 4 refillable replacement pods ($12.50) to fill and keep with you.

The picture to the left shows another four devices that are similar to Juul that weren’t mentioned above, and this link gives four more.  Some allow e-liquids of your choice, some use pre-filled pods, nic salts, or oil concentrates, or a combination.  The user will have to purchase additional pods or cartridges as the coils or wicks inside the pods will degrade with use.

A search of the web will give you other Juul-like devices, but teens will probably not do research and will instead use what their friends are using.

Next up…Juul isn’t the only product out there.

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