Trinkets and Trash March 2019

Trinkets and Trash is a surveillance project that keeps tabs on what the tobacco industry is doing to advertise and market its products.  The report comes out at the beginning of the month and reports on the previous month’s activities.  Their articles are a great way to keep up with current and future tobacco and vaping products.

Natural American Spirit cigarettes is getting a jump on Earth Day which is April 22.  They have promised to “recycle half a billion littered cigarettes by 2025” and to “continue reducing our waste streams.” If you sign up for their special notifications, you will also be able to request butt pouches and get your mobile coupons.  Of course tobacco harms the earth other than air pollution and cigarette litter.  Farmers are clearing forests to plant tobacco, often times burning it.  While Natural American Spirit claims to be organic, tobacco growing is usually “one of the most chemically-intensive crops,” with fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides used during growth.  The tobacco also hurts the land due to soil erosion, chemical run off and destroying the “fertility of the soil making the land unsuitable for supporting any other crop.”  Of course the truth about tobacco isn’t pretty, but Natural American Spirit’s ad will hopefully make you forget all the other stuff that makes tobacco bad.

Just in case you didn’t know it, what you are smoking is not perfect, at least according to the ad for Vuse Alto, as they claim to have “the perfect puff.”  Through out the commercial, they refer to smoking and smokers, and they “push the possibilities of vapor,” but they don’t mention vaping or call it a vaping device.  Instead it is a “vapor product.” One interesting note is no one in the commercial is using the product.  I guess large clouds of vapor are as much of a turn-off as clouds of cigarette smoke.  The only positive about the commercial is the warning at the beginning stating their product contains nicotine and it is an addictive chemical.

Djarum Black is promoting their “cigar” through Instagram with both Madonna and Lady Gaga shown using the product.  In an  article in 2018 Madonna claims she never smoked.  And while other pictures have shown her with cigarettes in her mouth, she claims they were an “accessory.”  Lady Gaga has been in the news for the past several years with her chronic pain.  In 2010 she stated she had borderline lupus.  In 2017 she was suffering pain from Rhematoid Arthritis.  Another article mentioned it was chronic pain from fibromyalgia.  All of these fall under the label of Rheumatoid Diseases and smoking can worsen the pain.  Should Djarum Black even be called a cigar as they are the same size as a cigarette and have a filter?  True cigars don’t use filters.  But whether the product is a cigarette or a cigar, promoting smoking isn’t cool.

Tobacco marketing and advertising knows how to reach that emotional attachment in its users.  Whether it is pictures of pop stars using the product or pretending they care about the environment by providing pouches for you to put your tobacco litter in, they know how to push your buttons and keep you addicted to the product.

The tobacco industry isn’t losing money by giving you discounts and coupons.  You are keeping them in business and paying for it with your health.

Click here for the latest Trinkets and Trash news.

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