Trinkets and Trash – February 2019

February is the month of romance, and the tobacco industry also shares their brand of love with special advertisements and coupon promotions.  This information comes to us by way of Trinkets and Trash, an online surveillance system that monitors the tobacco industry marketing in various forms of media.

If there is no one special in your life at Valentine’s Day, turn it into a day that you treat yourself with, what else… tobacco.  Cheyenne cigars had red and pink packaging for wild cherry and strawberry flavored cigars.  Djarum didn’t bother showing their product, instead they had a romantic scene of a couple walking a beach at sunset.  And Swisher Sweets promoted their sweet cream flavored cigarillos instead of roses, because everyone know that tobacco breath is so romantic.

If your “bae” doesn’t like cigars, there are other methods to get to his heart, like having cupid shoot him with a can of Stoker’s smokeless.  Do people even use “bae” anymore?  General Snus also hinted you don’t need to be with your “significant other” to enjoy their product.  So much for romance, but then again, how romantic can you be with a lip of dip?  For the e-cig users, Blu surrounded their products with white rose petals, their idea of romance.  And if you don’t want to get caught using a smoking or smokeless device or a tin of tobacco, now there are nicotine “smart” toothpicks to get you that buzz.  Having a nicotine addiction doesn’t sound very smart.

If you want to know what the tobacco industry is up to, sign up for the Trinkets and Trash newsletter than comes out at the beginning of the month with the previous month’s latest ads and messages.

Click HERE for Trinkets and Trash.  All pictures are from their newsletter.



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