Public vaping to be banned in Florida

This past November Florida voters approved Amendment 9, with 68.9%  to 31.1% margin, which prohibits using e-cigarettes and vaping devices indoors.”  Now Bill 7012 is going through the Florida Senate.

Florida has had a ban on smoking tobacco in indoor workplaces for years, but makes concessions under certain conditions. This new bill also makes allowances for vaping to take place in retail vape shops, private homes, stand-alone bars, and other areas.  One provision that is included is in designated hotel rooms; however, as with smoking, vaping leaves secondhand vape residue (nicotine and chemicals) on surfaces that could cause health issues to unsuspecting guests.

Under Florida law, only the state can regulate smoking, but local governments can “impose more-restrictive regulations on vaping.”  Anti-smoking advocates believe “defining vaping devices as tobacco products by the state would help Tobacco Free Florida’s educational efforts,” because they are “currently unable to use resources to prevent youth from smoking and to educate youth on e-cigarettes because they aren’t tobacco products.”

While Tobacco Free Florida may have restrictions on what they can promote on their site,  the Florida Tobacco Prevention Training for Educators online course has been providing education to our participants on e-cigarettes and vaping for years.  This professional development course is approved by the FLDOE Office of Healthy Schools, and allows teachers, administrators and school counselors in public, private and charter schools the opportunity to earn 30- or 60-professional development points upon completion of the course and the teaching of six (6) tobacco prevention lessons.  This past year we have designated an entire chapter to ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems)–the health issues, chemicals, marketing, and the hazards of use– in both the 30- and 60-point courses.  We have also developed a 20-CEU course for Florida School Nurses (no teaching required) so they also understand the problems with tobacco/vaping in their settings.  And Palm Beach educators have the opportunity to take a stand alone 10-point course on ENDS to reach more students on the hazards of vaping.

As with the smoking ban, Florida lawmakers let the voters decide if vaping in public needed to be banned and the voters spoke.

Chick HERE for the news article.


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