What’s happening in the tobacco world

It’s important to keep up with developments in the tobacco world, and Trinkets and Trash does a great job informing subscribers of new products as well as deals offered by the tobacco industry to consumers.

If you haven’t heard, earlier this year Natural American Spirit finally agreed to remove the words “natural” and “additive-free” when describing their cigarettes, but they can keep the “organic” label and the “natural” in their name.  It seems too many people believed the cigarettes were safer than other cigarettes, hence the need for change.  Now they have a new slogan: “Tobacco Ingredients: Tobacco and Water.”  As part of this “reimagined” experience they are offering paperless gift certificates – their name for coupons – for your smartphone.  And paperless is all about sustainability, which is sort of an oxymoron when millions of trees are cut to make the cigarette packaging and cigarette wrappers.

General Snus, a smokeless tobacco company, is using the same marketing ideas as Natural American Spirit cigarette company as they take users “from seed to can,” versus seed to cigarette.  Since users “have made the careful decision” by choosing their tobacco, they want to provide the best tobacco.  There aren’t many details about what is in it, but Snus made in the states is different than in Sweden where they limit the number of chemicals. However, it still contains nicotine, which is highly addictive.

Scandinavian Tobacco Group decided to educate millennials about the finer details of smoking a pipe and produced an instructional video.  The millennials did bring a light-hearted moment to the video when they reminded people, “if you don’t smoke, don’t start.”  They may have used slightly stronger words, but it’s the same message.  The company also provided a birthday greeting and coupons for pouches of tobacco for your new smoking experience.

E-cigarette brands NJOY, MarkTen, and Logic jumped onboard with Cyber Monday savings for users.  NJOY went out of their way to provide a 67% enticement when you used a special promo code.  They need the business as they filed for Chapter 11 in 2016 and a review of the product gave it a 1 star.  They were one of the original disposable e-cigarette manufacturers and their first product looked like a cigarette.   They have now branched out with more flavors, and provide pre-filled, disposal tanks to attach to their newer devices.

The tobacco industry does everything they can to keep happy customers, and giving away freebies and coupons seems to do the job.  But something to think about next time you get these goodies, they are writing off these expenses as part of doing business, while you are paying them to make you sick and destroy your health.  Not really a fair trade, is it?

The above information came from Trinkets and Trash October and November editions.

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