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Red Ribbon Week and Smoking

…it so important for parents to discuss smoking and vaping and their consequences with their child… Continue reading

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Our Kids Have Seen Enough Tobacco

Adults may not notice it, but your kids see it every day as Big Tobacco tries to lure them in as replacement smokers… Continue reading

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Fire Prevention Week 2017

If you must smoke, follow some simple rules that will protect you and your family from a possible house fire: Continue reading

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A New Type of Tobacco Ad Will Soon Appear

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing tobacco ads on television and in newspapers starting… Continue reading

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Marketing Ideas of Tobacco

September has ended and our Trinkets and Trash newsletter for that month has just arrived in our mail box. ┬áLet’s see what marketing strategies the tobacco industry has come up with. Labor Day weekend is seen as a great time … Continue reading

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