New Trinkets and Trash for August 2017

Have you ever tried to keep up with all the new tobacco marketing out here but feel that you are at a loss?  Subscribe to Trinkets & Trash, a surveillance project and archive that monitors the tobacco industry marketing for you.  Here is what was happening in August:

You have heard of zen, but how about “ZYN?”  ZYN is the “smoke-free, spit-free, tobacco leaf-free” nicotine pouch, and the ads are featuring couples enjoying life while supposedly having a nicotine pouch in their mouth.  Many of the ads prominently feature women because you wouldn’t want to leave out this large segment of the market.  “The roads are endless, and so are the possibilities,” according to their tag line.   One possibility is that you will become addicted to the either 3mg or 6mg of nicotine in flavors such as coffee, cinnamon, and a variety of mint flavors offered by the company.  They have even made their name into a verb to ingrain it into your lexicon.  Seems like the tobacco industry is moving away from selling tobacco, and going straight to selling an addictive substance.

JUUL vapor took one step forward by raising the age to purchase its products on their website to 21.   But the new rule it doesn’t count if you are a current user, 18-20 and are on their auto-ship subscription.  Anything to keep a customer.

And let’s not forget the solar eclipse that took place in August.  Grizzly took advantage of it by making their Grizzly Dark the “official dip” of the solar eclipse.  Really??   If you were part of the bluNation, the brand’s online reward program, and lived in the path of totality, you received a pair of eclipse-watching glasses.  Anything to keep the brand in, and apparently on, your face.

As fall approaches, the tobacco industry will be out with new ads, recipes and advice for hunting.  While all tobacco contains nicotine, not all nicotine comes in tobacco.  When you decide your nicotine addiction is getting the best of you and your health, you can speak to an expect to help end your dependence on tobacco and nicotine.  If you live in Florida, Tobacco Free Florida can help.  If you live outside of Florida call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) for help.  It’s never too late, and always a great time to quit.

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