Tobacco ads during April 2017

The tobacco industry is still prompting many contests and sweepstakes along with special offers and new advertisements.  Here are just a sample from their promotions offered during April and sent out in May by Trinkets and Trash.  One of the promos was actually anApril Fool’s joke on unsuspecting tobacco users.

Grizzly dip sent out a fool’s joke offering a free sample of “Bonfire Cologne” with the scents of “smoldering, hand chopped North Alabama Spruce – plus a handful of dry leaves, a few pinecones, a foam cup and a splash of lighter fluid.” Sounds like a recipe for arson.  The joke was on their users as the site proclaimed “the only scent we care about is the sweet scent of premium dip.”

Marlboro went all out by offering three different contests in April. One promotes their menthol cigarettes where contestants have to chose the correct menthol product from the hints in the “master taste blender” quote. Do contestants know the “master” is a chemist in a lab, and do these blenders actually try this stuff?   Another contest gives email subscribers the chance to visit the Marlboro ranch.  We hope you aren’t thinking you will meet the Marlboro Man.  Four of them have died from smoking-related diseases.

The third Marlboro contest was the most interesting in that users chose one of six locations on the Continental Divide they would like to visit and had to write about it.  According to Trinkets and Trash “Traditional Marlboros and the brand’s social responsibility and corporate altruism were promoted via its ‘Team Marlboro – Undivided’ sweepstakes.”  Does this tobacco company know the meaning “social responsibility”?   The definition for altruism is “the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others,” which is the complete opposite of what the tobacco industry is all about.  Of course altruistic corporate social responsibility is about “voluntarily donating time and/or money towards certain groups of stakeholders, even if the commitment sacrifices part of the business profitability”, according to the Wikipedia definition.  So spending money on contests which lure tobacco users into continuing to use a product for the chance to win a prize is considered a sacrifice on the part of the tobacco company? Marlboro users also had chance to receive a $2.27 coupon off Marlboro’s Bend No. 27 by unlocking a code.  The coupon will reduce the cost of the product and once again keep users hooked.  Guess this is part of their altruism.

You may think the tobacco companies are great for all these promotions they seem to be handing out for free, but you the user are paying for them with your life. Quitting tobacco would put more money in your pocket and give you a free coupon for more years to spend with your family and friends.  It’s the best deal out there.

Click HERE for the Trinkets and Trash April edition.







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