March Celebrations to Help You Quit Tobacco

There are plenty of days and ways to celebrate March.  Why is any of this important?  If you are quitting tobacco, you need some ideas to change up your routine, so get out your calendar and start filling it in.

Once you quit smoking, food will taste better to you, and the month of March has plenty of celebrations to tickle your taste buds.  If you love food, you will sing for joy with some wonderful sweets in March and here are just a few “national” days: Blueberry Popover (10th), Oatmeal Nut Waffles (11th), Coconut Torte (13th), and Pi Day on the 14th (my favorite is Chocolate Silk).  There is also Chocolate Caramel (19th) Bavarian Crepes (22nd), Chocolate Covered Raisin (24th), Black Forest Cake (26th), and Lemon Chiffon Cake on March 29th.

That is quite a list of sweets, and they could increase your blood sugar levels.  But did you know that smoking not only dulls your taste buds, it also increases your risk of diabetes because there is a LOT of sugar in cigarettes and smokeless tobacco? In case you are concerned about your blood sugar numbers, March 28th is National American Diabetes Association Alert Day. Click on the highlighted diabetes link above to find out more about this disease.

Of course, March is not filled with all sweets, there are some other “national” celebrations as well.  For example, Crabmeat, Meatballs, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Sloppy Joes, Corn Dogs, Poultry and Ravioli are all celebrated in March.  Let’s not forget French Bread, Chip and Dip, Lobster Newburg, Spinach, Spanish Paella and Clams on the Half Shell.  Now that we have just about covered your grocery list for the month, there are a few other days that deserve your attention.

Breaking up with tobacco isn’t easy and if you haven’t succeeded yet, Get Over it (9th), and just try again.  Plan some activities to keep your mind off tobacco and enjoy some fresh air, by Planting a Flower (12th), or Learning About Butterflies (14th).  And if you make mistakes on your way to quit, it’s okay, Let’s Laugh (19th) about it.  A new Puppy (23rd) will help you in your quit because you will want to Take a Walk in the Park (30th) or just Goof Off (22nd) with your new four-legged friend.

Of all the celebrations during March, the biggest one is probably Kick Butts Day, held this year on March 15th.  This is a “national day of activism that empowers youth to stand out, speak up and seize control against Big Tobacco.”  Local schools are planning creative activities to raise the awareness to the problems of tobacco.  Support the students and contact your area schools to find out how you can help.

As you go through your quit journey, remember, there may be some Awkward Moments (18th), but celebrate the fact that  “I Am in Control” (30th)

To see the entire list of national days for March, click HERE.




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