Kudos to our SWAT students in Florida

swatWe love hearing stories about the work our SWAT clubs are doing throughout Florida. In July, the SWAT club from Washington County  became one of 16 teams nationwide to attend the National Truth Initiative’s Youth Advocacy Summit.  The goal of Truth is to achieve “a culture where all youth and young adults reject tobacco.”  The SWAT students came up with a project to decrease “exposure to secondhand smoke by building examples of smoke-free business entrances.”

Studies show that certain areas in the community, such as entrances to buildings, parks and bus stops, provide more secondhand smoke exposure to the public.  So the SWAT students identified business willing to support their Clean Air Zones at their entrances.  By removing the smoking containers at these entrances, it improves the health of both employees and patrons by reducing “the number of cigarettes smoked per day.”  It also increases the “success rate for smokers who are trying to quit,” and decreases the amount of secondhand smoke.

The SWAT students worked with local businesses to establish a 25-foot clean air zone around each entrance.  “Several local business, such as McDonald’s restaurant, Burger King, Morris Industries, Hobbs Heating and Air Conditioning, King’s Drugs, Javier’s Mexican Restaurant, and Skins and Bubbas restaurant,” have established their Clean Air Zones.  The SWAT students and the Washington Country Department of Health encourage other businesses to take part in this plan to protect the health of everyone.

Kudos to the work of the SWAT students and the local businesses for taking steps to make the air smoke-free for everyone to breathe.

Click HERE for the entire story.  You can see some of the local businesses featured in the story.




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