What is the tobacco industry promoting now?

Trinkets and Trash is your go-to site for all the news about tobacco products soon to be hitting the shelves, and the ads that seem to draw in users.  Not only is it educational by keeping you ahead of the new products, it is entertaining as well as you can see how the tobacco industry targets their users.

zynIt would almost appear Big Tobacco is getting rid of tobacco altogether and selling straight nicotine in a tobacco-free nicotine pouch by Swedish Match, called ZYN (sort of sounds like zen).  The six flavors and two nicotine strengths (3 mg or 6 mg) come in a “child-resistant” round can.  The company says the nicotine is derived from tobacco leaves and food-grade ingredients.  Truthfully, with no tobacco in the pouch and all that flavoring, it looks like a new product designed for the youth market.  Does the tobaccozonnic industry hope to slip through loopholes since it is tobacco-less? If kids use this in school and get caught, does it count as a tobacco product? Is this another gateway product, like vaping, that increases the likelihood youth may use tobacco in the future?  Another nicotine-only lozenge called Zonnic is now available on the market, but is being promoted as a smoking cessation product.   Two new products, neither contains tobacco, yet one is a cessation tool, and one isn’t.  Are the lines between cessation and use becoming more blurred to anyone else?

Speaking of tobacco-free nicotine products, blu eCigs will launch a new device, blu Max that will offer “Responsive blumaxDraw Technology” in “the best vaping experience ever” by responding “to the rate of the consumer’s inhalation, producing as little or as much vapor based on the intensity of their draw.” The indicator light on the tip glows brighter depending on the strength of your inhalation.  A lot of big words that basically say the harder you draw on the device, the bigger the vapor, and the brighter the indicator light.  It’s not rocket science, but reading the press release from the company sure makes the device sound impressive.

knittingCamel is promoting its Hump feature, “which has interesting new articles every week.”  The article mentioned in November was about woven glass that appears as if they are knitting it (don’t try this at home).  The article has nothing to do with tobacco and requires such a specialized talent that an ordinary person would never to able to accomplish it.  But they saw the word “knitting” and decided it would be a great way to target women.  Not to be outdone, Virginia Slims still has their fashionable models (sans cigarette) and includes a couple of autumn recipes for you to try because a girl has gotta eat.

Newport has two new arm wrestling ads out, sort of a girls vs boys competition.  The girls are promoting menthol products while the guys are promoting the non-menthol products.  Everyone is having fun, and not one single cigarette is pictured in either ad, proving you can have fun without smoking.

Grizzly has been promoting their “Tellin’ it like it is” ad campaign for awhile now, suckincluding a discussion topic which for November was between solar use vs fossil fuels use.  By going to the website users can see other discussion topics as well as “claim a weekly coupon for their dark mint product.” Nothing like rewarding addiction with more product to keep you addicted.  Email recipients are also “asked to create ‘ads that don’t suck’ on the brand website.”  If you aren’t creative enough, they provide some ideas such as those on the right.

Nothing goes together better than wine and cigars, especially if it is Black and Milds wine cigars.  Their website is still promoting unique artists and different ways people are “kicking it.”  According to the ad, the only way you can make the moment more enjoyable is to smoke their product.

We certainly don’t have the talent to work at a top-notch advertising company and it may not be very creative, but do you think anyone is brave enough to write an ad that says “Freedom from tobacco products is not bought…it’s earned?”

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