The latest in tobacco news – Trinkets and Trash October edition

Every month, like clockwork, we receive the latest addition of Trinkets and Trash, the “surveillance project” that “monitors the tobacco industry marketing” through many different channels.  The report is not only informative and educational, it is entertaining as well.  You learn the newest methods the tobacco industry is resorting to in order to keep their customers while hooking new smokers to this lifestyle.

Winston, once owned by Reynolds, is now a member of the Imperial Tobacco Group (ITG) winstonalong with Kool, Salem, blu e-cigs, Phillies and more.  They are getting back into magazine advertising with an image that is “evocative of freedom and chance” and clearly hopes to grab the attention of the youth market.  Not much freedom if you have to pull over and stop before smoking.  The pack now features an eagle above the brand name, reminding you this is an American cigarette, headquartered in the United Kingdom. Did you know that ITG is also slang for In The Grove?   They want you to be “all in or not at all.”  We’re sticking with “not at all.”

camoCopenhagen had a sweepstakes allowing players to use a hunting simulator and decide if they would take the shot or wait for a better opportunity.  Players who took a shot received a free gift of meat rub, which probably tastes a lot better than a lip of tobacco.  Oh, and don’t forget the camo cans are back for hunting season.  Don’t you hate it when your tobacco product fails to blend in with your surroundings?  Not to be outdone, Virginia Slims is offering a “Style Spree” where “you and a friend get an all expense paid $25,000 shopping spree in New York City with a professional stylist and a hair and makeup tutorial.”  And to get you ready you get “chic style tips” but you need to log in daily.  You may even be an instant winner of a “chic scarf.”  They may have missed the message that being chic or “elegantly and stylishly fashionable” happens without tobacco in your life.

humpWhile Joe Camel is no longer with us, he hasn’t totally disappeared as his hump is still making news. In their bid to keep in the forefront of the minds of smokers, Camel reminisces about the good times by having “Hump Day” promotions.  They are thanking users for checking out the Hump, and gifting them with a box of fireball whiskey-flavored marshmallows.  At least this will clear that taste of smoker’s mouth.

If you would like to keep up with all the tobacco news, marketing campaigns, and other information not covered in this blog, subscribe to Trinkets and Trash.


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