2016 Great American Smokeout

smokeout1The third Thursday of November is here!  It is time once again for the American Cancer Society Great American Smokeout event, urging smokers to put down the cigarettes for one 24-hour period of time.  Quitting for just one day can put you one step closer to quitting for good and on the path “toward a healthier life and reducing your cancer risk.”

In 1964, the year the first Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health was published, about 42% of Americans smoked. By the time of the first Smokeout in 1977, that number had been reduced to about 34%.  Since then, workplace smoking bans have been implemented and smoking in public has been reduced.  Higher cigarette taxes have helped keep teens from starting and have helped current smokers quit.   Here in Florida adult cigarette smoking has dropped from 21.0% in 2006  to 15.8% in 2015.  High school smoking rates have also dropped from 15.5% in 2006 to 5.2% in 2016, a 66.5% decrease.

Quitting may be difficult but your family and friends are there to provide support. Additional support can be found by calling the number above in the picture, searching the web for quit smoking sites, or clicking on one of the links before.  And if you have thought about quitting your smokeless tobacco habit, now is a great time too.

Click HERE for more information about The Great American Smokeout.

Smoking:  Smokefree.gov
Smoking:  Tobacco Free Florida
Smoking:  UCanQuit2.org is an education campaign for the U.S. military
Smokeless tobacco:  Kill the can
Smokeless tobacco:  Quit smokeless

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