Removing tobacco from pharmacies has public support

In 2014 CVS Caremark made the decision to quit selling tobacco in their stores.  Now two years later a new Centers for Disease Control (CDC) survey is out showing a majority of tobacco_sales_in_pharmaciesAmerican adults, including those who are smokers, are in favor of removing tobacco from pharmacies.  Currently, about 134 municipalities in California and Massachusetts, as well as one county in Minnesota, prohibit tobacco sales in pharmacies.

The question was asked of 4,269 U.S. adults 18 years of age and older: “Do you favor or oppose banning the sale of all tobacco products in retail pharmacy stores?” More than “66 percent were strongly or somewhat in favor of outlawing tobacco sales, while 14% strongly oppose such a policy.”  Even half of smokers and tobacco using non-smokers would support such a policy.

The highest percentage of respondents (72%) who believed tobacco should not be sold in pharmacies came from the 65 years of age and above group, while 70% of all women supported a policy.  Blacks (65%), whites (66%) and Hispanics (67%) were almost equal in support of a policy.

The American public seems to think pharmacies should follow the CVS lead by removing tobacco from their shelves and concentrate on the business of health.  Good idea or bad business?


Click HERE for the article.








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