Trinkets and Trash for August 2016

If you haven’t signed up to receive Trinkets and Trash every month, what are you waiting for?  The report monitors the tobacco industry marketing and sends you the new monthly ads and contests.  It may be the 21st century, but Big Tobacco is still using old tricks in a new medium when it comes to getting your attention. Tobacco ads can now be sent directly to consumers through the internet, saving the companies millions in marketing costs.  They have to make it interesting.

cope_002Copenhagen has a new “the process is the passion” ad in Sports Illustrated featuring a group of surly-looking motorcycle machinists apparently restoring old bikes during their free time after work. Would you really be packing a lip using dirty, greasy hands?  Unfortunately, this ad was placed in a national sports magazine and seen by thousands, if not millions of teens, and sends the wrong message that you need tobacco to be passionate about what you do in life. Another smokeless tobacco company, Grizzly, is back after going “off the grid” in June.  And of course, there is a new “off the grid” contest showing different “off the grid” locations (igloo) with a survival tip video tutorial, such as opening a can without an opener.  “Every day you are asked to choose between two prizes that would enhance the experience and your chances of survival.”  The product site gets you to continually log in, while you learn survival tips you will never have to use.  Great marketing!  Not to be outdone with “going off the grid”, Skoal has their “mancation” giveaway where is have a “chance” to win trips.  The best and most valuable prize you could win is getting your life back by quitting these products.

Not everyone is happy in tobacco-land as Newport visitors to their new website are voicing their dissatisfaction with the lack of games.  Do they know there are thousands of other games online without having to go to a tobacco site?  Camel has an “Open Canvas” art contest with some interesting restrictions…you create art on their website but nothing related to health or health-related topics or activities.  So art showing smoking is good, but art showing bicycling, running or maybe eating healthy is bad?

And if you think you have heard it all…WAIT!  There is now a vaping competition tour with 28 stops.  Your “skills can be showcased” as you compete in men’s and women’s “Big Cloud” and “Tricks.”  According to a former smoker …”once you get off cigarettes, you want to be a part of something…”  Being part of a health study on electronic cigarette use probably isn’t what they were thinking of.

It may be 2016, but people are still gullible to fall for Big Tobacco’s tricks.

Click HERE for Trinkets and Trash, August 2016.






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