More cancer-causing chemicals in vapor

cloudsThose gigantic plumes of vapor from electronic cigarettes may come at a cost to your health, according to a study that looked at not only the chemicals, but if the temperature of the heating coil changed the level of chemicals emitted.

This latest study found propylene glycol and glycerin, both respiratory irritants and “probable carcinogens”, “among 29 other chemicals released in” vapor to create the artificial smoke.  Glycidol, another “probable carcinogen not previously identified in the vapor”, propylene oxide, a “possible carcinogen and respiratory irritant” and “acrolein a powerful irritant” are also in the list of chemicals.  When heated, these chemicals decompose which release other toxic chemicals.

According to the study, chemicals emitted were “significantly higher for single-coil vs a double-coil vaporizer.”  When the voltage is increased in a single-coil device, “the mass of e-liquid consumed doubled per puff and total aldehyde emission rates tripled per puff.” When the vapor device is used several times, “aldehyde emissions increased by more than 60%”, “due to a buildup of byproducts that degraded upon heating.” Aldehydes “can alter breathing patterns by narrowing airway openings.”

We already know that conventional cigarettes have thousands of chemicals which damage the body.  We are still learning about the possible long-term health effects of using electronic cigarettes.

Click HERE for the entire story.






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