Florida Tobacco Prevention Training for Educators Final Numbers

The Florida Tobacco Prevention Training for Educators on-line course has officially closed for the 2015-2016 school year.  This year marks our sixth year of offering a 60 point statewide tobacco prevention course, and it also marks the first year for our 30 point course which proved popular with participants.  We thought we would share some numbers with you as we wrap up our year.

FL_map_6_13We had a total number of 786 participants registered for our two courses:  256 participants in the 30 point course and 530 in the 60 point course.  The top three groups that registered were classified as full-time teacher, guidance counselor and administrator.   Teachers were broken down by the following grade levels: elementary – 368, middle school – 156, and high school 227, with 35 participants listed as other or combination.  In the 15 categories under “primary subject,” the top five were Elementary-mixed, English/Language Arts, Science, Physical Education, and Social Studies.  The majority of our participants (690) listed their school type as public/district.

Of the 67 Florida school districts, 49 districts had at least one participant registered in one of our two courses.  The top three school districts with the most participants registered were Palm Beach – 401 registered (51% of the total participants), Dade – 143 registered (18.19% of total participants) and Florida Virtual- 29 registered.

We take into account that some of our Florida school districts are small, so we also rank registrants as to the percentage of their districts’ educators.  The top three small districts include Bradford with 6 registrants, which equaled 2.24% of their district, Taylor – 4 registrants which equaled 1.71% of their district, and Hamilton –  2 registrants equaled 1.57% of their district.  Eighteen districts had no registrants.  Jefferson County, one of the three Florida school districts with fewer then 100 educators, had one participant registered.

Of the 786 participants who enrolled in the course, 313 completed.  The fastest participant completed the course in 14 days, the slowest 306 days, with an average of 125 days.  Six school districts have the distinction of having 100% of their enrolled participants complete the course: Gadsden, Glades, Hardee, Holmes, Liberty and Orange.

While all these statistics are wonderful, and receiving either 30- or 60 in-service credits to renew your Florida Department of Education certificate is great, the reason why we continue the Florida Tobacco Prevention Training for Educators on-line course is for participants to teach tobacco prevention lessons to our Florida students.   This year our actual student impact was 22,386 students, the most of any previous year.

We are proud of our participants who completed the course and taught lessons to their students.  Whether you are computer savvy or barely know how to turn a computer on, we are here to help you through the course of your choosing.  Our 2016-2017 course pre-registration starts July 18 and our course will open August 18.   We invite you to consider taking our course to help your students make healthy decisions in their lives regarding tobacco.  See you in July!




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