Gallup Says: Majority of U.S. Favor E-Cig Regulations

According to a new Gallup poll, most U.S. adults favor some type of regulation when it comes to electronic cigarettes, with “the prevailing opinion” that both tobacco and electronic cigarettes should be regulated similarly.   The information comes from a phone survey conducted this past December of a random sample of 13,648 adults, living in all 50 states and D.C.

e-cigpic_001When it came to regulation, 60 percent said “e-cigarettes should be regulated as much as  tobacco cigarettes,” with another 19 percent saying it should be regulated “but not as much as regular cigarettes.”  An additional 17 percent said “they should not be regulated at all.”

The electronic cigarette industry has repeatedly stated the products carry no harm, but half of U.S. adults believe they are harmful to public health, according to the Gallup poll.  Only 14 percent said they are helpful.  Of course if you are a cigarette smoker or have tried e-cigarettes, you would probably be in the 28 percent who said the devices have no effect on public health.

When it came to harming the environment, it is split equally with 40 percent saying “e-cigarettes are harmful to the environment” and 40 percent saying it has no impact.  Eleven percent believe they help the environment.   Of course those who are “current tobacco smokers and those who have tried e-cigarettes say they have no impact on the environment.”  I guess neither group has ever participated in a tobacco and e-cigarette litter pick up on a beach.

While the majority of U.S. adults “believe cigarette smoking should be illegal in all public places,” about 48 percent believe e-cigarettes should be totally banned from restaurants with about 29 percent believing they should be banned from public parks.

The results of this Gallup poll and another poll conducted by National Public Radio, are about even when it comes to Americans wanting regulations on electronic cigarettes.  The Food and Drug Administration sent the regulations to the White House for review on October 19, and the White House can make changes to the rules as they see fit.  The e-cigarette industry may have a tough sell to go easy on e-cig regulations if this poll is any indication.  After all, the will of the people have spoken.

Click HERE for entire story.

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