All the tobacco news that is fit to print

February has come and gone, and that means the latest edition of Trinkets and Trash tobacco ads has just arrived in our inbox.  Travel and new products were on the minds of our tobacco ads.

blackandmildIf you want to keep tobacco alive, you have to grab the young and what better way than for Black and Mild to offer a sweepstakes to New Orleans in their “Feast for the Senses”  Although winners wouldn’t be going to The Big Easy for Mardi Gras, there is still time to enter as the sweep ends April 3rd.  Marlboro menthol cigarettes also has you exploring the “new” flavors of New Orleans which Trinkets and Trash says is a video series.  And Marlboro menthol also brings New York City and hipsters together by discussing the speakeasy scene asking participants to make up a name of their own speakeasy.  If you wanted coupons from Marlboro, you had to work for them in February by watching a video on a new product called Blend No. 27 in order to get a code.  Do we really need another cigarette?

blu2Blu e-cigarettes is pushing a new product called Blu Plus+.  If you are a fan, you can submit your Bradown story and it could give you that 15 minutes of fame on their website.  In order to draw in the young, one ad features Katrina who tells why she uses the product.  And then there is an ad with Brad, who tells the reader “blu Plus+ gives me everything I was used to and more.”  In an ironic twist, another blu ad shows a smoker sitting outside in the cold, all alone and implores “don’t be this guy” as they tell readers that you can stay inside and vape in many public places.  If that is true, then why is Brad sitting all alone outside vaping?  Guess nothing has really changed for you, huh Brad?

generalblu1February was time for Valentine’s Day and nothing says I love you like vaping the “sweet, juicy, lush flavor of Cherry Crush in your blu e-cig.  Sorry, but his date does not look amused or impressed.  And how is he going to get the e-cig to his mouth?  General Snus also gets in on the Valentine’s Day action by “embracing the moment.”  It doesn’t matter whether you have packed a long cut lip or have a teabag of tobacco in your mouth, do you really think someone wants to kiss you with all that going on?  Gross.

cope_001Since it is now March, that means that Copenhagen will be coming out with a new mint, long cut flavor.  Don’t they already have enough flavors as it is?  Whatever happened to plain tobacco flavor?  And speaking of flavors, in case you didn’t know what e-cigarette flavor to pair with your Persian Cucumber Salad, you will just have to check out JUUL website to discover the answer.  We can bet if you gave up inhaling chemicals, whether through smoking or vaping you will have a better sense of taste.

Look closely on each of the websites, and it says the offers are limited to those 21 years and older.  If you have to be 21 to get coupons and prizes, you should be 21 to purchase the products.

Thank you Trinkets and Trash for providing the monthly surveillance of tobacco products as well as marketing materials and tactics.  It is always an educational experience to see what the tobacco industry will do next.  All pictures from the Trinkets and Trash surveillance report for February 2016.

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