Tobacco policy changes in the air for Brevard Public Schools

Brevard County School District in Florida is cracking the whip, but it is at those using tobacco and electronic cigarettes or vape products on school property.  The ban “is among the most comprehensive in the area” and could have an affect on more than just the schools.  Any brevard_countyone doing business with the school will also have to follow school district policy when on district property.  Although the policy has been in effect for a year, the school district has allowed time for staff to transition and for employee unions to “approve new language in their contracts.”  Enforcement began the first week of February.

The policy covers all district employees, who number about 9,500.  According to the district, about 5 – 6% of employees or roughly 475 – 570 are or were smokers.  The policy doesn’t force employees to quit tobacco, they just can’t use it on school district property or at events.

In addition to employees, 74,000 enrolled students fall under the policy, but it doesn’t stop there.  Whether you are a visitor, vendor, or volunteer, if you are on school grounds or in school property, the policy affects you, including being in your own car in the parking lot. Off-campus schools and off-campus district-sponsored events are also covered.  And thanks to the Brevard Tobacco Initiative, new signs went up throughout the district alerting all to the policy changes.

According to Brevard Public Schools Superintendent Desmond Blackburn, “We are all here for the children. Setting a tobacco-free policy and embracing a culture of well-being provides the district with an opportunity to positively influence the lives of our students by creating a healthy environment through positive role-modeling.”

Congratulations to Brevard Public School District for creating, promoting and enforcing a district-wide tobacco-free policy which supports their vision of a positive, healthy environment for both students and employees.

Click HERE for the story.

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