What you may have missed in the January tobacco ads

A new year is here and with it new resolutions to stop smoking, but if the tobacco industry had its way, they will do everything they can to make you change your mind.  Trinkets and Trash has released their January Surveillance Update – 2016 and the January offers make for some good, if not amusing, reading.

NJOY_001Trying to give up smoking for the new year?   NJOY wanted to unhook you from smoking and hook you up to their products with a $1 promo code.  Notice any warning label on the page?  Nope, not unless you live in California, and then this ad would have to have a NJOY1_001warning label.   Why be an ex-smoker when you can use electronic cigarettes and keep getting chemicals into your lungs and experience that nicotine high? And, if you can get your friends hooked on NJOY…er, if your friends make a purchase from their site, you get 45% off for every friend.  Keeping each other dependent on nicotine, that’s what friends are for.

blu_003According to blu electronic cigarettes, you can beat the winter blues by using a Pina Colada flavor in your blu tank.  Of course, the sale was only for one day, and was gone in a flash.   There are plenty of other ways to “beat the winter blues” than using nicotine.  It also seems that every tobacco or e-cigarette has their own social media connection, and blu is no different.  Connect up, talk to others about blu, and earn “reward points.”

If you haven’t heard about the Grizzly “Tellin’ It Like it Is grizzly_001Topics,” you are in for a treat. January’s topic asked “Duct Tape vs. Spray Lube: Which should every man’s toolbox include?”  Someone actually gets paid to come up with this!  And do users actually take part in this conversation?  Our opinion, for what it’s worth, is since both products are used for considerably different purposes, you should have them both.  And we didn’t even have to use tobacco to figure that out!

Cope_001Not to be outdone, Copenhagen had a Cabela’s Commercial Food Dehydrator up for grabs on their site for January.  It appears they are going after the hunter-tobacco-user as they tell you to “follow the tracks, fill the racks.”  They also give you a time line so you can Prepare (month 1)…(guess that means to stock up on Cope), Pursue (month 2) and Preserve (month 3). But wait, if you enter now, you may be up for the Yoder YS1500 Pellet Cooker.   There is no purchase necessary but you do have to be 21 or older and a legal resident “of the 50 U.S. or D.C. (except MA, MI and VA).  Void in MA, MI, VA and where prohibited.” I guess saying 47 states just doesn’t sound right.    The stipulations themselves are amusing.  But if you aren’t a hunter, does that mean Copenhagen discriminates against you?

Marlboro has a “Made in Marlboro Country” sweepstakes users can enter everyday to earnmarlboro_booklet credit towards prizes in their 20-page booklet filled with pictures of cowboys, horses and the great open west.  Prizes include tents, canoes and fishing rods, making sure “even the sweepstakes’ losers earned some loot.”  Somehow you could lose more by using tobacco.  Why do you need to spend money on cigarettes to get credits to buy a fishing rod? Give up tobacco and you will be able to purchase that “loot” faster and be healthier to enjoy it.

As always, Trinkets and Trash provides an excellent source of information regarding tobacco and e-cigarette product advertising.  Look carefully on the offers for electronic cigarettes as blu, Vuse and NJOY ads have no minimum age requirement for coupons and offers, while the tobacco ads listed have a 21 years or older age limit.  The tobacco industry says they don’t market to youth, but it is obvious they will do whatever they can to hook our youth before regulations on electronic cigarettes change.

Click HERE for the January – 2016 Trinkets and Trash Surveillance Update.  All photos above can be found in their January report.


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