Tobacco companies give thanks…for you!

November has come and gone and while Americans gathered to give thanks, the tobacco companies also had thanks to give to their customers in the form of promos and coupons to keep you hooked.

NJOY had a special Thanksgiving Day promo for you.  The more you bought on their site that turkeyday, the more you saved.  You have to love their promo code for getting the discount: “turkey.”   In case you didn’t know, a “turkey” is considered “a loser; an uncoordinated, inept, clumsy fool OR a tool; a person who is not in with the current culture and slang or is just generally uncool,” according to the Urban Dictionary.   Is the joke on you?  The General Snus email for Thanksgiving proclaimed “We have thanks to give, too.”  If you still use their product, they still have a customer.  And nothing yells holiday like an e-cigarette from blu, as they encourage you to “indulge a little.”

Marlboro is giving you a chance to design your own cowboy boots and you could win them. They may be keeping the cowboy theme alive with a pair of boots, but their ad proclaims “it’s all about the rock & roll lifestyle, with just the right balance of party and hard work.”  Somehow it’s difficult to picture the Marlboro Man Copein a rock & roll party lifestyle.  Sounds more like something youth would be interested in.  The contest is “exclusive to mobile phone access.”

It’s still hunting season, and Copenhagen is still pushing the camo can and expert tips on how to “Own the Hunt.”  Do you really need a tobacco company to give you tips on hunting?  Come to think about it, packing a lip and spitting out the juices probably gives away your location, doesn’t it? Notice the large warning label on the ad.  Cigarette manufacturers need to take a lesson from their smokeless counterparts on warning labels.

Virginia_SlimsThe November announcement from Virginia Slims states they are “revamping” the pack with a new look.  Can they do that?  How will their users know it is their package? Didn’t the tobacco industry argue that if the U.S. went to plain packaging, it would take away the public’s ability to recognize their logos and packaging?  They also had a November promo item of a “sleek new lighter” in white and silver that looks like some type of cosmetic case.  Of course, you need to have a chic lighter because you are a chic kind of woman.  Cigarette ads seem to have a small Surgeon General warning off the actual ad and unless you are looking for it, it is barely noticeable.

R.J. Reynolds has a new couponing technology device called “Spot You More” which they will provide to the stores with the “hardware and the wireless internet connection.” spot_you_more Customers will no longer have to log into an app; coupons can now be sent by text message or email.   It also makes Reynolds look like they are doing something great for the environment by replacing paper coupons.  However, did you know “each year nearly 600 million trees are destroyed to provide fuel to dry tobacco, or about one tree for every 300 cigarettes?”  And don’t forget about all the paper used in the manufacturing and packaging.  “Modern cigarette manufacturing machines use six kilometers of paper per hour” or roughly 19,685 feet of paper.  While Reynolds is pushing this green technology, it’s all about them eliminating fraud with the paper coupons, making it easier for the customer to use digital coupons by not having to log into an app, and it allows Reynolds to immediately gather information on their tobacco users.  Right now this device is located in test markets of Columbus, OH and Des Moines, IA.  Spot You More sort of sounds like Big Brother of the tobacco world.   And you thought you only needed to be worried about the tobacco.  Scary stuff.

Click HERE for all the Trinkets and Trash November 2015 information.  All pictures used in our blog were part of the Trinkets and Trash November 2015 Surveillance Update.











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