2015 Great American Smokeout

GASO2It’s November and that means the Great American Smokeout is here once again on November 19th to remind tobacco users to take one day and give up tobacco.  It doesn’t matter what form of tobacco you use, giving it up for one day could be the start of giving it up for good.

When the Great American Smokeout started in the 1970s, smoking and secondhand smoke were everywhere.  Much has changed since those first events took place.  Bans on smoking in workplaces and restaurants have improved the air quality for everyone. Increased taxes on cigarettes have caused some smokers to quit and discouraged some teens from starting.

Over the years, millions have quit tobacco.  In 1965 more than 42% of adult smoked.  Today that number is at about 16.8%, according to the recent report from Morbidity and Mortality Weekly with 40.0 million people smoking cigarettes and another 15 million smoking cigars or pipes, according to the American Cancer Society. Another 9 million use smokeless or spit tobacco.

If you have thought of quitting, the Great American Smokeout is a great way to take the thought of quitting for a test drive for one day.  If you think you may need help, the links below are to help you get started, but others sites are available by typing in “websites to help you quit smoking” or “websites to help you quit smokeless tobacco” in the search bar.  And don’t forget about the American Cancer Society phone number above as another resource to help you quit.

Smoking: Smokefree.gov
Smoking: TobaccoFreeFlorida.com
Smoking: UCanQuit2.org is an education campaign for the U.S. military
Smokeless Tobacco:  Killthecan.org






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