Trinkets and Trash September News

Autumn is upon us and that means the tobacco companies are gearing up for some seasonal activities in case you forgot all the things you can do while you are using tobacco or vaping.

virginia_slimsThe Virginia Slim women are still parading around in their fall fashion, but instead of thin women in ridiculous poses, virginia_slims1holding a cigarette up to their head (what was that all about anyway?), they now offer recipes, horoscopes and conversation topics.  Oh…and don’t forget the coupons.  But really, do women really dress like this?  Maybe they need to add a disclaimer: “Smoking does not keep you from gaining weight” and “Women who smoke have more wrinkles.”  We do appreciate that the fine print at the top of the ad on the left says “Nothing about our cigarettes will help you quit smoking.”

NewportpumpkinIt wouldn’t be autumn without a picture of someone craving a pumpkin, and Newport came to the rescue.  Did you notice that no place in that picture does it show any craving utensils nor does it show the couple enjoying a cigarette?  You can either smoke or have fun, but you can’t do both.

If you are a dip user instead of a smoker, Grizzly is giving yougrizzly some Grizzly Outdoor Corps Field Notes on saltwater fishing and lets you know the fish are running.  Their site also has “Tellin’ it like it is topics” so you can discuss a new topic each month.  September’s topic was your preference between bow vs. rifle hunting.  Since bow season and rifle season are at different times, an avid hunter would probably participate in both.  Do guys really need to go on a tobacco site to discuss these things?

Camel will soon have new pack designs, thanks to their users who sent them mobile phone pictures during a photography “In Focus” contest.  Winners receive “photography prize Camelbundles and a grand prize photo excursion,” as well as seeing their photos on packs of cigarettes.  Several years ago the tobacco industry argued against a change in packaging to make all cigarette packs essentially the same color because they claim the packaging represents their intellectual property, and is important for brand recognition, and “to communicate particular attributes about each brand and by extension the personality and social status of its users.”  Yet Camel is changing their pack designs.  The packaging must not be as important as the tobacco industry claims.

swisher_sweetsToday’s tobacco ads don’t have to show their product to send out a message to users.  Case in point, Swisher Sweets’ Instagram post of a young woman appearing to dance while wearing a warning label “Surgeon General Warning: Cigar Smoking Can Cause Lung Cancer and Heart Disease.”  Swisher Sweets makes a full sized cigar, but most teens know the product for their cheap, little flavored cigars or cigarillos in the bright packaging.  According to the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, high school kids are twice as likely as adults to smoke cigars.  And between 2009 and 2011, cigar use among African-American high school students increase by more than 60%.  So who do you think this advertisement is targeting?

The tobacco industry is constantly trying to reinvent itself, and everyone is their target.

Click HERE for September tobacco industry news from Trinkets & Trash.


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