New Season, New Ads

The start of summer has heralded a new crop of summer tobacco ads courtesy of Trinkets and Trash Surveillance Update for May 2015.  It is always amusing to see what is out there in tobacco-land.

virginia_slimsVirginia Slims has changed its slogan from “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby” to “Come What May,” which is odd for a tobacco slogan.  Sort of a cheeky way of telling your customer, “use our product, but whatever happens to you is your problem.”

Marlboro has moved from their famous “Come to where the flavor is” to their “Maybe” campaign, which caused an uproar for targeting youth in Europe, to their new “Bold” campaign.  Instead of the original cowboy riding a horse on the range, these new youthful cowboys are everyday people riding their motorcycle in the ocean, something you could see yourself Marlborodoing. Whether he is a maybe or is being bold, he’s not smoking in the picture, and neither should you.  While you are deciding how bold you want to be, Marlboro Gold offers you a chance to vote on the next Team Marlboro environmental project that will receive $25,000. Having a tobacco company sponsor an environmental project is an oxymoron, considering cigarette production is one of the most damaging industries to the environment in terms of stripping the land of forestation.  By the way, the projects you are voting for are for replanting forests and $25,000 doesn’t go very far.  It makes Marlboro look like they care about the environment, after they strip it of trees, pollute it with fertilizers and pesticides, and litter it with the end product.

General_snusIn smokeless tobacco news General Snus is showing us that “it’s warm out there,” as they promote their in-store chillers to keep their smokeless tobacco cool.  But the ad really makes no sense.  If it is warm out there, why would you be dressed in a heavy jacket and long pants?  Wouldn’t you want to show your model cooling off with a chilled dip enjoying warm weather activities?  As for the chilled tobacco, how many users are really going to keep it refrigerated, especially when the majority of users don’t want their other half to know they are still dipping?  Good thing this smokeless tobacco user is outside, he doesn’t need to be holding his spit cup.

In electronic cigarette news, Mark Ten is adding color to their ads to show off their flavored products.  Instead of their black/white with a splash of red, you can now chose your flavor according to one of four color themes: winter mint, classic, fusion and menthol.   NJOY had an exclusive offer available at Walgreens stores (as well as Love’s Country Stores) to receive 2 free flavor chambers with a purchase of a multi-kit.  Imagine that, a drug store getting an exclusive offer to sell an addictive drug.  E-cigarette producers continue to market new products, but they are being left in a cloud of vapor by the independent fill-your-own pens that allow you to flavor your own poison.

Kudos to both Outdoor Life and Latina for featuring “Tips From Former Smokers” in their magazines.  While many readers only see the glossed over version of tobacco in ads, it’s wonderful these two magazines decided to show the damaging effects caused by tobacco or e-cigarette use.

CLICK HERE to see more of the May 2015 Trinkets & Trash Surveillance Update.



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