Spring Ads in Tobacco Land

We love getting our monthly Trinkets and Trash newsletter to keep up with the advertising from the tobacco industry which is always ready to exploit an event, and the April newsletter is no different.

April brought us April Fool’s Day and some in the tobacco industry decided to prank their customers, sort of.  Skoal pretended that they forgot to send out coupons for the month.  April Fool’s…you had to go to their website to get your coupon.  That prank probably saved Skoal quite a bit of money in mailing costs.  But it could have also cost them because you keep your customers when they get something in their hand they didn’t have to work for, like making a copy of a coupon.  It could be Skoal got pranked on that one.  NJOY offered a 35% discount on vape kits, e-liquids, recharge kits and flavor chambers, but it was only good for April Fool’s Day.  Greensmoke, owned by Altria offered a three-day coupon for $10 off $45 or more in purchases.

greenEveryone seems to want you to celebrate spring by using more nicotine products.  Greensmoke had a spring-themed ad advertising their new green battery with ageneralsnus heart made out of tobacco leaves.   I’m sure some will want to go “green” and use this, but we are sure this isn’t what they mean by going green.  Did we get the word “green” in there enough times?  While Greensmoke is pushing their new battery, General Snus is promoting the “pure ingredients” in their products.  You have to go to their website to see the list, but from the picture, it looks like the makings of a margarita with the lime and salt.  The two cans shown are for mint and “white,” whatever that is.  Do they offer a scratch and sniff area on the can so you can get an idea of what’s inside?  If you are all about buying USA products, Vuse is pushing their “designed and assembled in the USA product.”  It does not say the parts were made here, just designed and assembled.  If the “made in the USA” doesn’t grab you, they had a special trial offer for only $1.  Totally affordable for everyone, including youth.

The latest Grizzly ad is almost insulting men as they present the “Pro Tips” Challenge. Share a tip and be entered to win weekly prizes.  This ad asks “What’s the best way to fix a leaky pipe?” Calling someone who knows what they are doing probably isn’t the sort of tip they are looking for.  Seems like they are scraping the bottom of the barrel for contest ideas.  Red Seal is giving you 25% more in the can so you can spend more time fishing and less time running to the store.  They also have a discussion group on their website.

On a brighter note, New Orleans’ smokefree ordinance went into effect on April 22nd. And six days later Marlboro was ready with a sweepstake to win a trip to the Big Easy.  Does that surprise you?  One of the pictures in the ad shows someone holding a cigarette, which if you read above, is no longer allowed inside.  If you “want the real deal,” perhaps you need to leave the cigs at home since smoking will be restricted.

You know about all the health problems when you use tobacco, but one of the latest articles about a study conducted in the U.S. states that vapor from electronic cigarettes”disrupts cells in the same way as tobacco smoke.”  It appears the safest cigarette, smokeless, or electronic product is the one you don’t use.

Click HERE to read more about the April 2015 tobacco ads.


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