American Diabetes Association ALERT! Day

Alert_dayIf you have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, it means your body does not use insulin properly.  Your doctor may treat the condition with oral medications and insulin and discuss lifestyle changes, such as changes to your diet and exercise level.  You may also need to monitor your glucose levels by checking your blood several times a day. If you are a smoker or use smokeless tobacco products, it’s time to ditch your habit for your health, because using these products will make it difficult for getting your blood glucose numbers under control.

American cigarettes use two types of tobacco.  One type of tobacco, Virginia tobacco, is high in sugars, while the cured Burley leaf tobacco loses a significant portion of its sugar through the curing process.  Adding sugar to the tobacco once it reaches the factory enhances the flavor and the smoke of the cigarette.  One example, Virginia Slims by Philip Morris USA, lists the ingredients for this product and sugar is the third ingredient in every style of this cigarette.  The same can be said for Marlboro and Parliament cigarettes.  Here is Philip Morris’ entire list so you can see for yourself the amount of sugar in their cigarette tobacco.

A 2002 Conference on Smokeless Tobacco in Sweden, provided product information on various forms of smokeless tobacco, many of which are sold in the U.S.   Most of these tobaccos are flavored and sweetened with licorice, but their sugar contents are high.  One type of tobacco, loose leaf chew, was shown to have an average sugar content of approximately 35%.  Moist plug was shown to have about 24%.

One doctor stated the range of sugar for “pouch tobacco tested was between 24% and 65% and for plug tobaccos 13% to 50%.”  In addition to the sugar causing problems with your blood glucose levels, since this form of tobacco is held in the mouth against teeth and gums, it can cause cavities, tooth loss, receding gums, and mouth sores.

Take a moment to take the Diabetes Risk Test by clicking the blue highlighted words.  If you noticed changes to your health or score 5 or higher on the test, make an appointment with your doctor to discuss what you can do to get back on the healthy track of life.

Click HERE for the ALERT! Day Fact Sheet for more information.




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