Kick Butts Day 2015

kick_butts_dayTobacco use is the single most preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control.  But while there have been great strides in the fight against tobacco, sadly “every day, more than 3,000 kids under 18 try smoking for the first time and 700 kids become new regular, daily smokers.”  After all, someone has to replace the more than 480,000 people die every year from using this product.  For 20 years students have been kicking butts and making a statement to Big Tobacco that they will not be their target.  While March 18, 2015 has been designated as the official Kick Butts Day, every day is a good day to fight against tobacco.

Kick Butts Day started in 1996 and since then over 20,000 events have been organized by teachers, youth and health advocates across the U.S. “to educate their schools and communities, and to advocate for policies to prevent kids from smoking, help smokers quit and protect everyone from secondhand smoke.”

Kick_butts_buttonIn the U.S. 480,000 people die every year from tobacco related illness, and the tobacco industry has to seek “replacement smokers” to fill their spots.  The tobacco industry knows that about 90% of adult smokers started by the time they were 18.  They spend vast amounts of money, about $8.8 billion every year, or $1 million every hour, to market their products by using the following strategies: promoting and discounting products in stores; eye-catching ads in magazines with large youth readerships; marketing flavored tobacco products such as cigars, smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes; and re-glamorizing tobacco use through e-cigarettes.

Stand up to tobacco and tell them that you are #NotAReplacment, and send a message to this billion dollar industry that you can’t be bought.  Take action today and click on the link above to send your message to Big Tobacco.

Click HERE to read more about Kick Butts Day and how you can take action.
Click HERE to read more about how tobacco seeks out teen replacements.









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