Reveal the Truth, Part 3

Our last two blogs featured sections of the Reveal the Truth infograph on electronic cigarettes versus traditional cigarettes.  This blog features the third and final portion of the graphic and deals with the Additional Benefits of E-Cigarettes (What’s More!!)


The graphic claims e-cigarettes are affordable which has some truth as the disposal models are equivalent in price to a pack of traditional cigarettes.  Most disposals deliver about 400 puffs, and depending how you puff, it could be the equivalent of 1 or 2 packs of cigarettes.  Some smokers take a few puffs on a cigarette before throwing it away, essentially wasting half a cigarette or more.  With an electronic cigarette, you can take a couple of puffs and put it in a pocket or purse to use again.  The more expensive, refillable models tend to be more cost-effective.  You don’t need to purchase lighters as the devices are charged by pulling them into an electrical outlet, but you do need to remember to charge them.

The second statement says it is eco-friendly. Perhaps with the refillable models, but not so with the disposal models which can’t be taken apart.  The entire disposable device, including a battery and any liquid nicotine still in the device, is thrown away.  If you have ever participated in a beach clean up, the disposal e-cigarettes and cartridges are found scattered everywhere.  So much for being eco-friendly.

In the second statement they mention the “battery can be used for longer by replacing the cartridge or filling the e-cigarette juice.”  Some models allow you to change out the cartridge for a new, pre-filled cartridge, but you still need to dispose of a cartridge with toxic nicotine still in it. The larger e-cigarette models need to be refilled with liquid nicotine, which if spilled, is a hazard itself.  Could that possibly constitute an EPA hazard substance? You would still need to dispose of the refill bottles which could be deadly if a young child comes in contact and puts it in their mouth.

That second statement also mentions the vapor is water mist which is a selling point of the devices; however, most devices do not list water as an ingredient in the device.  So is it “water” mist or rather aerosol mist that is emitted?  They also mention it “doesn’t leave any mark in the atmosphere,” but studies are insufficient to “determine whether the levels of exhaled vapor are safe to involuntarily exposed bystanders.”  If you can smell the scent from the device, you would think you are also breathing in whatever chemical particles are being emitted when exhaled.

Since it operates on a battery, they say it prevents fire burning damage and holes in clothes.  But what about all the devices that have exploded, knocking out teeth, burning bodies, and causing fire damage to buildings?  Not every device may be a fire hazard, but would the devices sell if they had a warning that stated “May Explode Without Warning?”  Holes in clothes are the least of your worries while using an e-cigarette device.

Reveal_the_Truth9Another one of the most important selling features, next to “100% safe” and “water vapor,” is that you can use the devices anyplace you want.  Not so fast.  If there are no smoking bans in place, many establishments also ban e-cigarette use, such as airplanes, restaurants and bars, and places of business.  Hospitals also ban them due to the fire hazard when oxygen is being used.  One patient caught fire at a hospital when she used an e-cigarette while receiving oxygen therapy.  You may not have as much “freedom to smoke” as you think.

The final statement says you have the ability to control nicotine consumption and can try different variations of nicotine refills.  If you had the ability to control your nicotine consumption, you probably wouldn’t need a device that provides nicotine on demand. The company that sponsored this infograph has different nicotine strength devices, from 0 mg to as high as 20 mg and offer disposables, rechargables and shisha-type devices.  They also offer several flavors.  If you are trying to quit using products with nicotine, using the device with lesser amounts of nicotine in order to cut back on nicotine would make sense.  But some users have said they vaped more because they could use the devices anywhere thus becoming more addicted to nicotine because of the never ending ability to use it.

The purpose of these blogs on “Reveal the Truth” was to point out that the “factual” information on e-cigarettes is biased towards getting customers to use the electronic nicotine delivery devices. They want to remove your concern and worry by using terms like “100% safe,” “eco-friendly,” and “no chemicals.”  They don’t provide links to any websites, and spelling and grammar errors are obvious.  The information they provide is the same information you would hear if you walked into a vapor store.  They fail to mention no long-term studies on the health of users are available since they have not been on the market long enough.  It is up to the consumer to look up the information. Be prudent, ask questions of unbiased people, be an informed consumer.

The entire infograph is above on the left and was found HERE



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