Money in the Coffers from Big Tobacco

Election time is fast approaching and by now you are probably tired of the relentless bombardment of campaign advertisement commercials.  For weeks now candidates on both sides have spewed forth negative comments about their opposition, all while appearing to adjust their own halos.  It takes money to keep these campaigns running, and while the candidates are accepting your money, they may also be accepting money from the tobacco industry.

According to the Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), the tobacco industry contributes money to federal candidates and spends millions lobbying Congress.  It seems that there would be a conflict of interest for politicians to take money to promote the tobacco industry’s interests while at the same time voting on public health policy interests.  Yet both Democrats and Republicans have accepted money from the tobacco industry.

ASH has compiled a map showing the amount of money representatives in your state have received from the tobacco corporations.  They have also compiled a list of Senators and Congressmen who have NOT accepted campaign contributions from the tobacco industry in the last 10 years.  And if you are not sure who your representative is, there is a link on the page as well.

Check out the ASH page and map


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