Keep Miss Kitty Safe

LucyHappy World Cat Day!  Ok, we understand you may not be a cat person, not everyone can be so special.  But be honest, you’ve smiled at some of those pictures of kittens seeing their reflection in a mirror, or hissing at each other.  It’s just plain cute.  But something that is not so cute is what secondhand smoke can do to your cat.

Secondhand smoke has over 4,000 chemicals, and while you can get away from the smoke, your inside cat is, well…stuck.  That blue haze of smoke is falling on everything in the house, including your pet.

Cats are not only breathing in the carcinogens from your secondhand smoke, they are Lucy1also ingesting all those chemicals each time they groom themselves, making them more prone to develop cancer of the mouth and lymph nodes. Living with a pack-a-day smoker means the cat is “three times more likely to develop malignant lymphoma than a cat living with a nonsmoker.”  Even a cat living with a light smoker, someone who smokes less than a pack-a-day, is “four times more likely to be diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma which is the most common and an aggressive type of oral cancer in cats.”

Keep cigarettes and cigarette butts out of reach of your curious cat as tobacco products contain nicotine, and even small amounts are toxic to your pet.

Talk to your vet about how to keep Miss Kitty safe from secondhand smoke and other dangers that lurk in your house.  Your fur baby will thank you.

Click HERE to read how secondhand smoke affects your pet.




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