E-Cigarettes – Made You Look

Blu_001What does a tiny bikini bottom have to do with nicotine?  Absolutely nothing other then it grabs your attention and that seems to be the idea behind electronic cigarette advertising… making you look twice.  If the picture doesn’t grab you then the tech names and words used to describe the devices may appeal to those who have grown up in the digital age of robots and “i-” and “e-” prefaced devices.   And if all else fails, advertisers can always rely on the reliable adage that sex sells.

HiTechElectronic cigarette makers know that in order to grab market share they need to appeal to specific groups, like the young, Nanowho are driven by technology and tuned into their electronic devices.  If potential customers are caught up in the “i-” world phenomenon, they might find comfort in using products with names such as iSmoke, iCig or even Nano, which back in the day was the name of a mp3 player.  The “HiTech” brand proclaims it’s the “No. 1 E-Cigarette.”  Or maybe No. 1 means this is the first of several that will be coming out.  The Nano product calls itself an ePuffer for those who would rather “puff” on their electronic device than appear to “smoke” it.   Same difference, sounds less dangerous.   It’s all in the semantics, and the advertisers know it.

iPhone_adaptorThose who never leave home without their iDevice can now have a handy adapter that attaches itself directly to your phone, sort of like a pacifier.  And if you didn’t have time to plug your e-cig into a charger, no problem.  There is also a WiFi electronic cigarette that will connect to the charger via Wi-Fi; no more wall charger.

For the true smokioelectronic geek, perhaps the Smokio appeals to them.  It is the first connected electronic cigarette with “an app for iOS and Android, so you can track smoking, check the battery and regulate the amount of vapor you’re getting with each puff.”  Hopefully, it also tells you about the chemicals and amount of nicotine you are inhaling.

Hookah_hoseNo need to go to smoky hookah bars when you have the “hookah hose.” This e-device is about 12 inches long, contains approximately 1,500 puffs per cartridge and holds 2 cartridges, allowing you to mix flavors.  The only thing it doesn’t provide is the bubbling sound of water you get from a hookah.   Wonder if it will also build up bacteria in the hose like real hookahs?

Hookah_PenIf the e-device manufacturer can’t come up with a catchy name for their device, just use something eye-catching or sexy to get attention.  The tobacco industry has been using the same type of advertising ploys for years with cigarettes.   Never mind that you don’t quite know what brand the robot is selling, it still looks cool.  Of course, you will ecig_guynever look this good using the device, but that doesn’t matter, sexy robots catch your attention, just as sexy guys do.  The name of the product on the right is barely visible and the model isn’t even using it, but it still caught your attention.

Smoking a cigarette is dangerous for your health.  Using an e-device and calling it vaping,  puffing, piping, cloud chasing, or “modernizing life with technology” doesn’t make using an e-cigarette any safer.  You are still inhaling addicting nicotine and harmful chemicals into your body.  Know your facts and don’t be duped by the e-cigarette industry.

E-cigarette pictures are from Stanford School of Medicine

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