Slim and Sex Sell Smoking

Lucky_Strike1The tobacco industry seems to always be Lucky_Strike2pushing “slim” even as far back as the 1920s when screen stars were used to advertise cigarettes, and the “heartless shadow” of becoming- overweight-because- you-didn’t-smoke threatened your future.


Virgina_SlimsDuring the 1970s the industry picked up the Silva_Thinsthin theme again, making a cigarette that had evolved just for women, “tailored slim to fit your hands and your lips.”  And if that wasn’t enough, Silva Thins ads took the slim theme further by implying the “best ones,” both cigarettes and women, are not only thin, but rich as well, and pushed the “rich” theme by offering silverplated flatware.

Blu_001It may be the 21st Century, but old ideas are new again as the electronic cigarette industry is taking a page out of Big Tobacco’s idea book. Not only are they pushing the “slim” theme to promote the newest smoking trend, but going modern and using sex to sell their products.  Blu has their barely clothed, ultra slim (and most definitely photo shopped) model in a tiny bikini bottom. Look carefully (no, not at her, down at the bottom of the page) and you will notice no health warnings about the dangers of nicotine.  The well-placed ad in the March 2014 Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is just in time for the college and high school spring break season.

TrystTryst electronic cigarettes may be selling a modern product, but are promoting them with an old fashioned, almost 1950s sort of sexy retro, sultry pin up girl on the packages.  As you enjoy their five smoking products, you can “savor the secret” of your Tryst in classic tobacco and menthol, a Shisha for female smokers, cigar style, as well as hookha style.  Once again, no warning on the label about the dangers of nicotine, but maybe that is their secret.

It should be noted both Blu and Tryst call their e-cigarettes, “smoking products,” not vapor products, which may cause some teens not to use them because they don’t want to smoke.  Then again, probably not.

Click HERE to read more information on new tobacco industry products from Trinkets & Trash.  Click HERE to see more tobacco advertising pictures from the Impact of Tobacco Advertising from the Stanford School of Medicine.








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