Dear Tobacco, We’re Breaking Up

Dear Tobacco:

When we first met, I thought you were different than all the rest.  You were such a smooth character, there was nothing you couldn’t do.  One moment you were telling me how sophisticated I was, the next how dark and edgy.   You were always up on the latest trends and I always felt I had style if I hung around with you.  I felt like I was an original and passionate when we were together.   It seemed like we always had fun.  But one day I realized you were demanding more of me, and it just wasn’t as fun anymore.  It was then that I realized you could break my heart, literally.

All those times my heart beat harder when we were together wasn’t love, it was due to the nicotine increasing my heart rate by narrowing my arteries.  I thought I was dizzy because I was in love, but it was really the carbon monoxide reducing the amount of oxygen in my blood.  The carbon monoxide could also damage the walls of the arteries and cause fats to build up, causing the arteries to harden and narrow.  Each time I was around you, you were doing damage to my heart I couldn’t see, but it didn’t matter because I was so hooked on you.

One day it hit me that I wasn’t your only one.   I saw how people younger than me looked at you with the same fascination I once had.  It was then I realized our relationship had to come to an end.   I’ll be honest, it took me a while to get over you and it made me sick.  I went through depression, couldn’t sleep and shed a few tears.  At first it felt like I lost my best friend, but now it feels good to be done with you once and for all.

What hurts me the most is the fact you were never honest with me.  It’s sad to see others continue to fall for your manipulation and lies.


A Former Smoker

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1 Response to Dear Tobacco, We’re Breaking Up

  1. nototobacco says:

    Awesome blog!!! It tells the story, gives graphical references, and explains how the addiction and damage work. FANTASTIC!!!

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