We Are Half Way There

Word-of-mouth marketing is a simple form of oral communication that gets information about your product or service out to those you are trying to target.  In our case we are targeting our Florida educators needing points to renew their Department of Education certificate.  We also use influencer marketing by using Professional Development professionals in each county to inform their educators about our course.  Of course our social media marketing helps  spread our message via Twitter, Facebook and our blog.   With all this marketing taking place, and data and statistics being gathered, we thought we would share some current facts from our January 2014 newsletter.

We have our Professional Development departments throughout Florida to thank for getting the word out about our course.   They have made a difference in enrollment as 61% of the participants learned about our course through these resources.   Miami-Dade County is our largest county with approximately 13% of all the educators in Florida, but it accounts for over 55% of the registrants in this program.  They also have about 72% of this year’s course completers so far.  But they aren’t the only county with completers.  Although Sarasota and Jackson Counties are much smaller than Miami-Dade, they each have 11% of their participants completing the course.  Teachers have also helped us get the word out with 25% of our participants hearing about our course from their colleagues.

Last year we had almost 500 K-12 grade level teachers in all subject areas take our course and integrate the lessons into their curriculum.   Currently about 50% of our participants and 70% of our completers are elementary grade teachers.  To make it easier for the teachers, our course provides lesson plans for them to chose from and adapt to their grade level.   These lessons will help students learn about making healthy choices about  tobacco and how to avoid peer pressure.

About 90% of all adult tobacco users started when they were in their teens or younger.  According to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, “the peak years for first trying to smoke appear to be in the sixth and seventh grades, or between the ages of 11 and 13, with a considerable number starting even earlier.  Symptoms of addiction in young kids can appear within weeks or days after occasional smoking begins.”  Our teachers can make a difference in the lives of their students before their addiction to nicotine begins.   Almost 19,000 students received tobacco prevention instruction last year from teachers who took our course.

The Florida Statewide Tobacco Prevention and Intervention Online Course is the only state-wide resource in which teachers can earn 60 points toward certificate renewal – without paying college tuition fees.  The course is convenient, available online, and is self-paced.  Over 40% of our participants chose our program to be their first online professional development experience, and we offer support via telephone, email and in-course messaging.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Our graduates can use our resources to continue to teach tobacco prevention to their students each year.

Florida educators have until May to register for the course and until the end of the school year to teach the lessons, but why wait.  Register today and begin the course.  You are 60 points closer to your certificate renewal.

To register for the course go to:  www.tobaccopreventiontraining.org

Reach more of The Path to Tobacco Addiction Starts At Very Young Ages

January 2014 Florida Statewide Tobacco Prevention & Intervention Training Newsletter

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