Igniting, Inspiring or Embracing? What Tobacco Ads Really Say.

Tobacco advertisements are always entertaining, and this new batch from the July/August issues of national magazines is no different.

ignite1Take this new ad from Camel on the left.  The only reason you know it is from a tobacco company is the Camel logo,  the Surgeon General’s warning label for smoking at the bottom of the page, and the word “cigarettes” in the upper right hand corner of the ad.  It doesn’t show a single cigarette.  The “ignite the possibilities” slogan is pretty vague. Ignite what possibilities?  Cancer, decreased lung function, breathing difficulties, and shortened life span?  Or possibly it refers to bad breathe, body odor and wrinkles you get from smoking.  No matter.  You can “taste it all,” like the urea and arsenic that is added to cigarettes for flavor.

This next Camel advertisement was found in magazines with a heavy male readership suchInspiration as Car and Driver, Field and Stream and Outdoor Life. It shows a man’s hands dirty from his job, grease under the nails, imploring readers to “find your inspiration.” The people seeing this ad have already found their inspiration, and it doesn’t come in a pack of 20. They are doing what they love in life, such as working on cars or enjoying the great outdoors, like the content material of these magazines suggests. How does breathing in over 7,000 chemical compounds, with “at least 250 of them known to be harmful, including hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide and ammonia” inspire you?

CameladR.J. Reynolds also uses the “inspiration” theme in woman’s ads, but they also want women to “embrace” their product.   Using a mysterious, exotic-looking woman in a feather mask, Camel tells women “it’s about embracing what’s now, but always wondering, what’s next?” You can stop wondering.  If you embrace cigarettes, evidence has shown that using them in the manner they were intended harms nearly every organ of the body, may cause adverse effects on your reproductive system, and lowers your bone density according to the CDC.   Smoking doesn’t make you mysterious or exotic, it makes you wrinkled and old before your time. Embrace what is now and good about your life, but leave cigarettes out of the picture.

The tobacco industry spends billions of dollars a year on marketing to put their product in your face.  Look past the glitz, glamour and slick photographs and see the ads for what they really are, deception of a life style.

Go to TrinketsandTrash.org for more tobacco advertisements.

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