Here’s to Another Great Year!

BacktoschoolWelcome back Florida educators!  Last year was a fantastic year for the Florida Statewide Tobacco Prevention online course and we are hoping to duplicate our outcomes for this coming 2013-14 school year.

Over 1,000 educators (teachers and guidance counselors) registered for our program during the 2012-13 school year, and almost 500 earned certificates of completion after teaching six (6) tobacco lessons to their students.

The majority of those taking the course were from the public school sector – 89% classroom teachers and 5% guidance counselors.  Private school educators with a current DOE certification were also eligible for our course, and 21 teachers or 2% of the total were from private schools.  Elementary school teachers made up 49% of those registered, followed by high school (24%), middle school (21%) and those listed as “other” or a combination (5%).

Social studies, science, mathematics and English were the top four subject areas our educators taught, but other areas such as health, physical education, computer skills, art and music were also listed.  The majority of our registrants (42%) had taken 1-3 online professional development course(s) before, but 36% said our course was their first. When asked about teaching experience, 29% said they had over 20 years with 23% having 6-10 years.  Educators who taught the tobacco lessons in previous years are now part of our graduate course allowing them access to resources to continue to teach tobacco prevention to their students.

While the number of course completers last year was impressive, the number of students those educators were able to reach was exciting.  Over 18,600 students received tobacco prevention instruction during the past year through this program.  Can you imagine the final outcome of students reached if everyone could have completed the course?

The 2013-14 school year is just beginning and we are off to a great start.  Already 32 participants from 13 counties have registered with a potential student impact of 3,543.

Our tobacco prevention online course teaches our educators how to help their students make better informed life choices before they are targeted by the tobacco industry.  Let’s help our students be a tobacco-free generation.

Click the link to register for the FL Statewide Tobacco Prevention Online Course.

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