World Cancer Day 2013

World Cancer Day 2013 is today, February 4.  This year their campaign focuses on the myths and misconceptions about cancer.  In honor of World Cancer Day 2013, here are some facts and numbers regarding tobacco and cancer.

  • 1 BILLION people:  the estimated number worldwide expected to be killed by tobacco in the 21st century.
  • 3,000 – approximate number of nonsmokers exposed to secondhand smoke who die from lung cancer each year.
  • At least 80 chemicals in tobacco smoke are cancer-causing, such as arsenic, benzene, cadmium (a toxic metal), nickel, and polonium-210 (a radioactive chemical element)
  • 71% of all lung cancer deaths are linked to tobacco use.
  • 22% of ALL cancer deaths are linked to tobacco.

Depending on the website you are viewing, the numbers could be different.  But one thing remains the same:   receiving a cancer diagnosis will change your life.

Click the link to read more.

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