Grabbing the Under Age Tobacco Market Share

Good news: youth smoking rates are declining.  Bad news:  The tobacco industry still finds new products to appeal to the under age market.  Although the tobacco industry says it doesn’t market to children, a report on the Business Insider site from May, 2012, shows otherwise.  These young smokers are helping to drive market share of the tobacco brands. 

For example, Camel cigarettes gained 21% in the 12-17 year old market because of their Camel Crush cigarette.  This novel cigarette is a non-methol cigarette that has a mentholated liquid capsule in the filter that when it is crushed, causes the smoke to be minty flavored when inhaled.   The cigarette first came out in 2008.   Although Joe Camel has been offically retired, looks like he isn’t needed to sell this product.

Newport cigarettes, a methol brand that has been around since 1957, is still holding on at 16% market share for the 12-17 year old population.  And although the article says Marlboro is still the most popular among young smokeres, it is “losing share among the smokers,” but new products may “stablize this trend.” 

According to the article, the statistics came from U.S. Government agencies.  The tobacco industry would never think of condoning under age tobacco consumption.

Click here for the article.

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