Puppets and Prevention

Dragons Are too SeldomGetting the tobacco prevention message across to young students is often challenging, but Markie Scholz has been doing just that with the help from her cast of puppets.  This story weaver has been working on her craft since 1971, and combines her knowledge of education (she has a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction) with her unique form of entertainment.  While many of her stories are pure entertainment for the family, she has developed a tobacco prevention show, “Rabbit Tales,” to get the message across to students that they should not smoke or chew tobacco.

Cassandra, the nasty bunny, is a smoker and can’t go far because she loses her breath easily.  Gertrude, her servant, chews tobacco and also has health problems.  They try to convince Honey Bunny,Rabbit Tales the good rabbit, to do their bidding for them.  A large cast of characters teach that smelly smoke and nasty spit from tobacco shouldn’t be part of their lives. 

Since its formation Dragons Are Too Seldom Puppet Productions has performed in thirty-nine states and six countries.  Markie shares space with six hundred retired puppets in her studio when she isn’t traveling between 30,000 to 70,000 miles a year.

If you are an educator looking for ways to get the tobacco prevention message across to your students, check out the Dragons Are Too Seldom website, and go to “Rabbit Tales” for prevention activities.

Please take a moment to look at Dragons Are Too Seldom.

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