Need Another Excuse to Quit?

Are you a smoker?  Tired of the dirty looks and the exaggerated coughs from people who are forced to breathe in your foul fumes?  Thinking that the “cool” look you thought smoking gave you is getting a bit old and worn?  Need to add more reasons to that growing list of why it is time to nix the nicotine?  We can help you with that list.

  • The $6 pack of cigarettes a day is costing you $2,190 a year.
  • Your pearly whites are turning yellow.
  • In addition to paying for the right to smoke, you are paying more in health insurance, and extra doctor’s visits for your colds and respiratory illnesses.
  • You cough even when you aren’t smoking.
  • Your car smells from rancid tobacco smoke and you have burn holes on your seat.
  • No matter how often you wash your clothes, they always smell like smoke.
  • The food you used to really enjoy doesn’t taste the same anymore.
  • The perfume/colonge you wear to cover up your cigarette smell, doesn’t.
  • You can’t tell how bad your breath really smells.
  • Your eyes have a permanent squint trying to keep the smoke out.
  • You look older than you really are.
  • You have more bad hair days from standing outside smoking.
  • The number of smokers taking breaks has decreased.
  • You used to have to hide your smoking from your parents, now you have to hide it from everyone else too.

If you are thinking about quitting, you aren’t alone; about 70% smokers want to quit.  It may take you several attempts before you permanently throw out the cigarettes., but you can do it.  Check with your doctor regarding cession aids, make a plan, and know you aren’t alone.  Below are some links to help you start planning.  Good luck!

Tobacco Free Florida
Government resources on “How to Quit”

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