The War on Smoking Continues

Twin cigarettesLives have changed since 2001. 

Security precautions have been put into place to protect travelers at airports.  Technology now has the ability to gather information on individuals and track their movements. 

The attack on American soil also had political effects throughtout the world as countries pledged their support in working together to fight against terrorism.  Intelligence agencies around the world were coordinated in an effort to arrest and dismantle terrorist organizations. 

The war on terror continues 11 years after. 

We are currently fighting another war, only this one is rarely mentioned and many of its victims are anomymous.  Over 443,000 Americans die each year from smoking, over 1,200 each day.   According to the CDC, for every person who dies from a smoking-related disease, 20 more people suffer with at least one serious illness from smoking. 

We are winning the war on terror.  We can win the war on tobacco harm too.

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