Smoking is Not Attractive

If you want to look younger longer, then smoking is out for women.  Smoking not only ages the inside of you, it produces wrinkles and sagging skin on the outside.   When you smoke, capillaries at the skins surface narrow which prevent oxygen and vital nutrients, like vitamins A and C, from getting to the skin.  Collagen, the skin’s elasticity, is broken down by a enzyme that is increased when you smoke.  Everyone loses collagen as they age, but smoking accelerates the process.

The decreased blood flow produces what is known as a “smoker’s face,” which is grey, pale and wrinkled skin and it adds 10-20 years to your chronological age.  Smokers have more and deeper wrinkles, especially around the eyes from squinting from the smoke and around the mouth from puckering and drawing on the cigarette.   And skin damage doesn’t stop at the face.  Female smokers have more wrinkles on the inner arms, neck and chest area and more saggy skin due to lost collagen.

Damage to the skin may take years to appear, but if you quit you can stop the damage from getting any worse.  This great time-lapse video of Lindsay Lohan shows her skin damage from years of smoking, sun and alcohol.  Even her attempts at using plastic surgery to get back her youthful face have failed.  Remember, she’s only 25.

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